Because Life Changes: Post-Divorce Modifications

As circumstances change, it may be necessary to revisit the terms of child custody and visitation or the terms of child support or alimony. Modifications of court orders can be as hotly contested as the original divorce. It is important to have solid advice and strong representation in these proceedings.

At the Salem, Oregon, law firm of Elaine D. Smith-Koop, LLC, your rights are protected by more than 25 years of legal experience. I practice exclusively as a family law lawyer, serving clients in Marion County, Polk County, Yamhill County and surrounding counties of the Willamette Valley. I have extensive experience with contested and uncontested modifications.

Marion County Custody And Support Modifications Attorney

Changing the child custody order requires a change in circumstances and must be in the child’s best interests. I handle all types of custody modifications:

If both parties agree to the change, I can draft the agreement for approval by the court. If the modification is challenged, the court may order a custody evaluation and consider those findings in its ruling. I will aggressively assert your parental rights in negotiations or courtroom proceedings.

I also represent either parent in child support modifications. Increasing or decreasing child support requires a substantial change of circumstances, such as a job layoff or other hardship of the paying parent, or a new job or promotion by the recipient parent.

Spousal support can likewise be modified or terminated if there is a justification such as financial independence or remarriage.

Property settlements generally cannot be modified, unless there is evidence that the other party hid assets, in which case we would file to reopen the case.

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