Securing Financial Support For Your Child

Last updated on August 14, 2023

In Oregon, the uniform support guidelines provide a formula for determining child support. Yet you still need a lawyer to make sure that support is accurately calculated or to ask the court to increase or decrease the level of support.

My Salem family law firm, Elaine D. Smith-Koop, LLC, represents parents throughout the Willamette Valley, including Marion, Polk, Yamhill and surrounding counties. I can protect your interests in initial determination of child support in a divorce or paternity case, or in child support modifications.

Accurate Determination Of Support Obligations

Over time, too much or too little child support can add up to tens of thousands of dollars. The state child support guidelines are a good starting point, but there may be many reasons to deviate or ask more questions:

  • Child support can be adjusted for health insurance, day care costs and other expenses.
  • High earners may exceed the guidelines, in which case support may be negotiated or litigated.
  • Income may not be accurately reported by a parent who is self-employed, paid in cash, seasonally employed or underemployed.

I am familiar with the statutory grounds and rebuttal factors for deviating from the child support calculator. If warranted, I will subpoena financial records or retain forensic accountants to identify hidden revenues.

Marion County Attorney For Child Support
Order Enforcement And Modifications

I am an experienced lawyer who can also stand up for you in court if you are seeking to modify support (or challenging such a petition). If the other parent is not paying court-ordered support, I can represent you in contempt proceedings and in petitions to garnish the person’s paychecks or tax returns.

To talk to an experienced Salem child support attorney, call me today at 800-743-3002 or 503-298-4419, or contact me online to schedule a consultation.