Resolving Divorce Matters Quickly

If you and your spouse are splitting up but don’t want to fight or drag things out, you can dissolve your marriage out of court in a few short months. An uncontested divorce avoids the trauma and expense of litigation, but you must be in complete agreement.

I am Elaine Smith-Koop, a solo attorney in Salem who practices exclusively in Oregon divorce and family law. I have helped couples in Marion County and throughout the Willamette Valley go their separate ways through uncontested divorce. I have also represented clients in litigation after their tentative divorce agreement fell through. However it all shakes out, I apply more than 25 years of legal experience to the protection of your best interests.

Marion County Attorney For Judgment Of Dissolution
Working Out The Details Of An Uncontested Divorce

To dissolve your marriage without contested proceedings, you must agree on all the applicable issues:

  • Division of assets
  • Responsibility for bills and debts
  • Child custody, visitation and support
  • Possession of the house
  • Spousal support

To be clear, as an attorney I can only represent one of the spouses. However, I work to make sure that the divorce settlement is detailed, practical and fair to both parties so that the spouses can go their separate ways without future conflicts.

If you have sketched out a kitchen table agreement, I can review it and draw up the proposed judgment of dissolution in the appropriate legal language. After you submit the petition to the court for approval, you can be divorced within 60 days.

Problems And Red Flags In Uncontested Divorce

It is common that couples who think they are in agreement discover they are not in fact “on the same page.” On closer examination, they have overlooked important matters or change their minds once everything is in writing. I can often spot potential problems and suggest changes that will cover all the bases. I can also help to resolve minor disputes to hopefully keep you on track and avoid a trial.

If your amicable divorce does end up in court, I will aggressively protect your interests while seeking to keep litigation as limited as possible.

To arrange a consultation with an experienced Salem uncontested divorce lawyer, call me today at 503-298-4419 or 800-743-3002, or contact me online.